Monday, February 6, 2017


Many of us, as women, have been raised and socialized to look for our “knight in shining armor” to love us, rescue us, and lead us into “happily-ever-after”…

But, as we mature and grow in wisdom, we learn to separate fact from fiction. 
Or in some cases, fact from friction!
When we conduct a personal analysis of our lives and experiences with the opposite sex, we realize that relationships are far from perfect, and often lack that fairy tale ending we  hope for.

They can be complicated, confusing, combative.
And sometimes, may even be plagued with infidelity, abuse, anger, deception and irreconcilable differences.
All of which can cause us to lose sleep, rob us of our peace, doubt our worth.
Drama that can compromise our self-esteem and sense of safety.

But this Valentine’s Day, don’t lose heart. It’s not too late to learn to live differently, honor yourself, and create the type of future you desire and deserve.

And it begins with you, sweetheart.
If this Valentine’s Day finds you without a man or a plan, don’t despair.
As a popular song states: “I’ve got all my life to live, and I’ve got all my love to give. 
I will survive.”    

Don’t place your life on hold…you’re better than that. 

This Valentine’s Day, this year, you should:

Pamper yourself.
Buy your own roses.
Eat from the good china.
Go to a movie.
Wear pretty lingerie, even if there’s no man to model it for.
Get a massage.
Start a journal to increase self-awareness, and make more informed decisions.
Set boundaries. 
Empower yourself. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Live life on your own terms.

Because the best way to attract a great man who will love, respect, honor and cherish you
… is to lead by example.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful!