Monday, September 8, 2014



                               Ray Rice-WHAT IS THE REAL ISSUE HERE?!

The world news is buzzing about Ray Rice and the fact that he knocked his then girlfriend, now wife out cold in an elevator. Thank God for modern technology because without proof from a videotape of the crime, I have to ask, would there have been any action taken against him at all?

And what about her, no one is talking about how she is feeling right now. As we often do with domestic violence victims we put the focus on what she didn’t do. "Why didn’t she leave him after the fight"? "Why did she marry him after he hit her so hard that she was knocked on conscious"? 

Should we instead of asking why is she allowing him to hit her, when he is obviously going to be stronger and hitting her could not have been an act of self-defense.  
 Should not the question be; Why is he hitting his girlfriend, a women who is now his wife and could someday be the mother of his children?

All of this controversy  over who is right and what is wrong here is confirmation that this country still has a very long way to go when it comes to understanding the tremendous harm that violence against women is doing to the American family.

The answer to the Ray Rice dilemma is that he, nor any man should hit his wife, girlfriend or any woman, EVER! 

And the implication that she LET him hit her is absurd! If you saw the video it was obvious there was nothing that she could have done to stop him. Domestic violence is never okay, she could have been seriously injured or even killed when she hit her head, but no one is thinking or talking about that. 

 The world is concerned about is how much money he is going to lose, and if the NFL  is  being fair to HIM for suspending him indefinitely-- for hitting and knocking out (with one punch) a women who he is supposed to love

The response from the world  regarding the plight of this young women is the reason that many women do not come forward. "She is the bad guy because She cost him his career"! Shame on you America!

I hope  and pray that they will not be in the news again -- that when the cameras are not around and they are in privet, that she will safe and not continue to be abused by her husband. 
A man who thought that it was okay to hit her in a public place, thinking that he was above the law and that there would be no retribution for his actions, right down to blaming his bad behavior on being raised by a single Mother!

 We  saw what he did when he thought no one was watching, what might he do when he knows that no one is watching!

This is not the first time this has happened in American--in the NFL, in the NBA , on Wall Street or  back streets-- Domestic violence is happening to women all over the country everyday of every year it is happening.
 Let’s not be up in arms because it happened in the NFL, let’s be upset that it is happening! Period!